Hair Spa at Home for all types of Hair

Hair Spa Hair Spa is used to make hair soft, silky and shiny. Its beauty is very much in the beauty parlor. The hair spa can be easily done at home in the manner described here.

How to do hair spa step by step-

1. Oil Massage –

The first step is Hair Massage. Oil is massaged in the roots of hair so that oil can be nurtured in the roots and also improves blood circulation.

Olive oil is good for this, but if it is not, then take coconut oil. Applying the cotton with the help of cotton ball, massage the roots of the hair on your head with the fingers of your fingertips.

Relax a bit after 10-15 minutes massage. Keep oil in place for at least half an hour. If you can massage the oil at night, it will be even better.

2 . Steaming-

This is the second step. For this, soak the towel or thick cloth in hot water and squeeze them. Wrap it around your hair. Put five minutes, then soak it in hot water and squeeze and wrap it. Steam it three or four times in this way. From this, the oil will reach the inside of the hair and nourish the hair.

3. Shampoo-

This is the third step. Wash the hair with a mild shampoo after steaming. Do not take hot water to wash hair. It damages roots. During the winter, wash the hair by taking cold water.

4. Conditioning and Hair Masks-

Hair masks are actually a type of conditioner that gives hair full nutrients and makes hair silky and shiny. Put a hair mask in light wet hair and apply it on the whole hair till the last end. Let it remain in the hair for about 30 minutes, then wash the hair with shampoo and shampoo.

For Dry and lifeless hair-

Ripe banana -1pc
Honey- 2 teaspoons
Olive oil -2 tablespoons

Mix honey, olive oil or coconut oil and banana and blend them well. Join one egg in it. Put it in your hair for half an hour and then wash it with mild shampoo. Those who do not want to take the egg, mix the other three things.

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For oily hair-

Aloe vera pulp -3 spoons
Honey -2 teaspoons
Apple cider vinegar -1 spoon

Mix all three in the hair. Shampoo mild after 20 minutes and wash them.

Damage hair-

Fenugreek paste -1 teaspoon
Honey – 1 teaspoons
Aloe vera gel -3 spoons
Coconut Oil -3 Tablespoons

Mix all together for half an hour. Make mild shampoo.

For dendruff hair-

Curd- 1/2 cup
Lemon juice-1spoon
Groundhorn fresh leaves -4 teaspoons dried
Coconut oil-2 teaspoons

Mix all and apply the shredded mild shampoo for half an hour.

This way hair spark will make your hair shine. Take a nourishing meal with hair spa, so that the hair can also be nourished. Sprouted cereals, dried fruits, fruits, etc. Add daily in your diet, these hair gives all the essential nutrients.

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