Hair Become Damaged, by these 5 Mistakes

We all want healthy, beautiful and strong hair, but unknowingly behaves like this with their hair all day that they can not stay healthy. These are the mistakes that everyone should avoid, only then your hair will be cared for properly. Come on, know the enemies of the hair about these 5 mistakes-

Shampoo daily-

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By shampooing everyday the roots of the hair become weak, the hair starts breaking down and they become dry.

Rubbing hair-

It is wrong to scrub wet hair with a lot of towel. Put the towels in wet hair and press and press dry and when the water stops running, leave the hair open.

Repeat comb-

Hair is broken by repeated combing of hair. Massage your scalp slowly and then comb.

Heat a lot of hair-

Iron rod, hair pressing machine should be minimized on hair. If you love to have hair styling, use conditioner regularly in the hair.

Do not trim the hair-

Keeping the hair regularly, keep the hair healthy.

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