Gujia Recipe (Holi Special sweet)

Gujia dishes are made  in the form of sweet on special festivals, we can  made it in different ways. It is good to eat for for all age group, This is especially made in most Indian homes on the occasion of Holi. Creating this dish is an art in itself, Even though it takes some time to make it, but its taste is always delicious, lets see how to make….


Flour-1 cup
Salt-1 pinch
Water-1 cup
Mawa – Half Cup
Raisin-10 to 12
Cashews and almonds-10 finely chopped from 8
Coconut-1 teaspoon thirsty
Sugar-3 to 4 spoons

For Filling:

First heat the mawa on medium flame, then roast it until it turns brown or red,  After that, add cashews, almonds, raisins and sugar to them and mix them well. Then put them aside for cooling in a vessel. Your filling is ready.

To make Gujjia:

1-For the upper part of Gujia add the first flour and salt, then put two teaspoons of ghee in it and take a lot of rubed with hands.
2-After rubing a little while, add some water to it and take a very tight dough. When the dough is ready, cover it for 20 minutes.
3-Then after 20 minutes you have to make a knit thoroughly once again before making it, then after dividing it into small pieces, make the loines and take the round belt on the chuck.
4-Insert the prepared material from 1 to 1.5 spoons in the middle of the rounded portion, and then apply light water on its edges and paste it in a crescent form. If you wish, you can knit its edges and make designs. You can prepare it by giving the shape of the guise like this.
5-In this way, when all the Gujjals are ready, then you should put the embroidery on a high flame and leave it to warm the ghee.
6-When it becomes warm, add the prepared coconut to it and fry it for 1-2 minutes in a high flame, then slow it down and fry it. When this floor goes, you can enjoy this delicious dishes by serving hot guests.

“Thanks guys good luck to the Holi, I hope you will like this recipe of Gujiya, then you must also make sure make gujiya in your house, and comment and tell how made your gujiya.”

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