Home Remedies Solution for 10 Health Problems

It is natural to have health-related problems if eating habits and getting-ups are wrong, but it is not right to resort to medicines for daily problems. These medicines show immediate effect, but at the same time, it also has a bad effect on internal organs. The help of home remedies can be taken to reduce the small problem at its place. Today we will tell you some country tips used by grandmother who will come to your great work, without any side effects.

1. Problems of Acidity-

Eating bananas gives relief from stomach acidity. If acid is made in your stomach then you take 1-2 bananas. Due to its cooling hours, you get relief quickly from acidity. Not only this, banana intake also removes urine and irritation of the stomach.

2. Do not get hungry-

If you do not feel hungry, then use tamarind. To overcome the problem of hunger, soak the tamarind in water and make paste. After that add black salt to it and eat it twice a day. This will increase your appetite.

3. Relieve from stress-

Nowadays the problem of stress or insomnia remains to everyone. In this way, you consume black pepper. This will increase the level of hormones called serotonin in the body, thus removing stress.

4. For stomach pain-

If you have pain problems in your stomach then mix and eat black pepper and lemon juice. This will give you instant relief and it will also keep the digestive process in check.

5. Mouth  ulcers and throat pain-

There is a problem in swallowing mouth or pain in the throat. To get rid of this, make a syrup of Licorice Root and rinse it. You will get rest.

8-Burning of urine-

Many people have trouble in the summer season. To get rid of this, put a little soda in a thin buttermilk and drink it. This will solve this problem.

7. Food Poisoning-

After eating street food or heavy banquet, people with weak immune systems often become victims of food poisoning. To get relief immediately from food poisoning, add 2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar in 1 glass of lukewarm water and drink it before eating.

8. Improve memory-

Daily intake of calcium, fiber, protein and almonds rich in potassium accelerates memory. Apart from eating 7 to 8 almonds daily, the body gets energy all day.

9. Headache-

The cause of headache has become common due to a runny life, but for a longer period, headache can be a cause of mental illness. In such a way to remove headache, drink juice of mint leaves and drink it. This will give you comfort.

10. Strong Immune System-

Eating gram daily will strengthen the digestive system. Due to phosphorus in gram, it also increases hemoglobin level in the body and helps in extracting extra salt from the kidneys.

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