Get Rid of Toilet Problem and Stomach Gas Problem

We take the stomach problem lightly, but perhaps you would not know that due to stomach problem there are a lot of sordid diseases like hair loss, pimples, throat irritation, etc. In this article today I I will tell you a medicine that you can get rid of this problem.

Medicine Name and About-

If you sit for long hours in the office, do no yoga or exercise, eat spicy and oily food, then have a stomach problem or problem in the toilet, then for this you use SOFTOVAC Bowel Regulator, this is a very good medicine. is. This will relieve you from the problem of toilet and the problem of stomach gas.

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How to use-

Take one teaspoon with warm water every night before bed, if you have more problem in toilet, then you should do 2 spoonfuls in the first two days, then as you gain slowly you reduce its use, so I am Not saying to work there is any harm, but it is not a good thing to have any medicine habitual.

Stay away from these things-

1-Do not eat too hot, spicy and oily.

2-Do not sit for long, walk for a while

3-Sleep at the right time and take minimum 8 hours

4-Do not sit or sleep immediately after eating food, rest only after a short walk.

5-Ensure eating time, do not eat too much at once

The best thing is that medicines come with sugar and also without sugar, use whatever is suitable for you.

Disclaimer- Before taking the medicine, take the advice of your nearest doctor, as there should not be any problem with the use of this medicine, but everyone’s healthy problems are different, if you have any problem with this medicine, then there will be no responsibility of our Channel

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