Get Rid of pimples & scars with camphor and more beauty tips

Camphor can make our skin healthy and hair healthy. camphor used to be used as an aesthetic product since the olden days. Along with this, it has also been placed in Ayurveda. This natural element proves very miraculous till the acne and acne cleansing and removing acne scars from the skin.

Remove acne from the face –
Acne, Pimple and then their scars, is a common problem. Applying camphor oil on the face reduces acne and their stains are also gradually decreasing. Apart from this, camphor also helps in fixing every kind of skin disease.

Cracked Heel-
Put a little camphor in hot water, scrub it after soaking feet, and do it for a few days. After this, apply a good moisturiser on the heel.

Get rid of nail fungus
Fungus on the nails look fatal as well as appear to be very dirty. If this happens once, then it does not take the name of going fast. But you can apply the camphor paste on the nails to fix this, so that the bacterial and fungal infections are avoided. Camphor has antiseptic properties that prevent nail fungus from growing.

Skin rash prevention
If you have been rash across the body, then Camphor is like a friend of yours. Put some camphor on the affected spot and leave it. This solution will give you relief immediately.

Hair grow-
If your hair does not grow, then put camphor oil on your head. This will also improve the texture of your hair.


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