How to get rid of kidney stones at home

The pain of the stones arises repeatedly and suddenly and it can also be quite unmanageable. Typically, small stones come out without any difficulty in urination. But when it gets big then the urine gets spoiled in the path and the urine flow starts to stop. Large stones can also damage the urinary tract.

Avoid to eat this things-

Some food should be avoided due to stone problems.Do not eat fruits and vegetables with seed, which is high in the amount of oxylet crystal.

Eat this things in stone problem-
Take coconut water, karela, gram and carrots. This stops the process of becoming stones.

Onions contain medicinal properties of kidney stone treatment. Drink the juice of ripe onion something like this. Peel the 2 medium size onions. Add a glass of water and cook both onions on medium flame. When they are well cooked, let them cool down, then blend them well in blender and then splash the onion and juice of the onion separately. Consume this juice for 3 days continuously. This home remedy works like Ram Baan and the stone starts to exit from the second day.

To remove kidney stones, grapes are very beneficial because they contain potassium, salt and water in abundance and aluminum and sodium chloride are very small, due to which they are considered very good for the treatment of kidney stones. is.

By eating powders of gooseberry with radish, the kidney stone leaves. In this aluminum and sodium chloride are found in very small quantities, due to which they are considered very good for the treatment of kidney stones.

Basil leaves
Vitamin B is found in basil leaves which helps in getting rid of stones. If vitamin B6 is consumed with other vitamins of Vitamin B group, then it helps in the treatment of kidney stones. According to researchers, taking regular doses of 100 to 150 mg (containing vitamin B) gives kidney stone relief.

Black pepper
Black pepper also relieves kidney stone, after consuming black pepper with bell leaf, the kidney stone turns out through the urine in two weeks.
Grind cumin seeds and sugar in equal amounts, take this powder with one spoon of cold water for 3 times a day. This gives relief from calculus very quickly.


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