Get Rid of Joint Pain & Arthritis with these 5 Food

If you are struggling with arthritis or joint pain problems, then by adopting these tips you can get rid of its unbearable pain. For this you just need to make some changes in your diet. Let’s know what those things are …

Omega-3 acid-

To get rid of arthritis, take omega-3 fatty acids. For this you should include algae oil, fish oil, salmon, fish in your diet.


Turmeric has an ingredient called karakumin, which acts to eliminate the disease-causing bacteria. Therefore, patients of arthritis should definitely include it in their diet. By taking turmeric, they will also get relief in pain.


Add garlic daily to your diet. The anti-bacterial, anti fungal, anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties found in it help in getting rid of joint pain. Avoid consuming more than 1 or 2 buds daily.


Broccoli  is very helpful to get rid of joint pain. The proteins, calcium, carbohydrate, iron, vitamin A and c and chromium present in it keep our body healthy. it was revealed that broccoli is capable of gradually controlling the progression of rheumatic arthritis. Therefore, please include broccoli in your diet.


To get relief from arthritis, juice of Bathua leaves is very effective. Include bathua in your diet and drink juice of its leaves daily with it. Keep in mind not to mix something for taste. After consuming three months you will get the effect clearly.

Use these precautions-

1-Do not stop Walking
2-Do not leave the Exercise
3-Do not use fatty food
4-Avoid eating fast food and canned food

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