Get rid of Ants Immediately to enter the House-8 Easy Tips

In rainy season, people are extremely worried about the arrival of ants in their homes and gardens. There are many such effective home remedies that can easily be relieved by the concerns of using them.

Coffee powder-

Put powder of coffee wherever you see an ant. The thorns will run away.

Bay leaf-

The ants are not liked the smell of bay leaf. You can use it to remove the ants.


Keep the lemon peel out of the ants where the ants are on. The thorns will run away.


By wiping vinegar in the house, the ants can not even break around your house.


Turmeric can also prove to be helpful in the removal of the ants. Sprinkle turmeric powder, wherever you see the ankles. The thorns will run away.

Mint leaves-

If the ankles are inserted in your sugar container, put dry leaves or cloves of mint in it.


Make a soap solution and keep it wherever you see the ankles. Spray them on. The ants will not be visible.


Wherever you see the ants, you make a circle from the chalk. The ants will never go out of the circle.

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