Get relief from Constipation, Try these 5 tips

Some people sit in the toilet for hours but their stomach is not clear. Such people have to put a lot of emphasis during defecation and face a lot of pain. If you have to face such a problem every morning, then you can take help of these tips.

Drink lukewarm water in Morning

After getting up in the morning, first of all, drink lots of lukewarm water. Drinking lukewarm water cleans the stomach and stomach fat is also less. The best thing is that if you drink water every morning, then all the toxic elements present in your body get out of the stomach and urine.

Your diet should be right

Easily digested things Include in your diet, if you consume fiber containing foods your stomach will be well cleaned, because fiber foods clean your intestines well and make the stool soft.

Exercise everyday

Whenever you find time you should be doing a light-weight exercise. If you choose a certain time in the morning or evening, then it is far better. If you can not exercise, then take 15 minutes walk after eating at least every time. Also drink water after 30-45 minutes after eating.

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet

If you eat some of the wheat flour, rice and flour mixed in food, then you will always have constipation complaints. Include lots of fruits and vegetables (especially green vegetables) in your diet for good health. Fruits and vegetables contain fibers, which help to clean your stomach well.

Sleep well and wake up

Even if your sleeping time and the time of waking are not good, you may still have constipation problem. It is not good to be prepared early and soon after breakfast. do breakfast at least 2 hours after wake up.

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