Get instant relief in foot pain with these 5 Effective home remedies

Many times, due to sitting, walking, or standing for several hours, pain starts in the feet. Foot pain can happen at any time to children, old or young. Sometimes this pain is so much that it is not even tolerated. Generally, the reason for pain in the legs is due to tiredness of the muscles. Apart from this, due to the lack of nutrients, people also struggle with the problem of foot pain. To get rid of this pain, people immediately take medicine. But eating too much medicine is also not good. In such a situation, today we will tell you some home remedies to relieve foot pain, which will give you instant relief.

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5 Home remedies for foot pain-

1.Massage with mustard oil-

Massage gives instant relief from foot pain. Pain in the legs starts due to tension in the muscles or their tiredness. In such a situation, you will get relief by massaging. You can use red oil or mustard oil for massage. Apart from this, after cooking carom seeds and garlic in mustard oil, applying that oil will also provide instant relief.

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2.Turmeric paste-

Turmeric is rich in many medicinal elements. You will get relief by applying turmeric paste on the feet. To make this paste, mix two spoons of turmeric in sesame oil. After heating this paste, apply it on the painful area after it cools down a bit, keep this paste on the foot for about half an hour. You will benefit from this.

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3. Ice-

Ice is also an effective way to relieve foot pain. For this, just take 2-3 pieces of ice and make a bundle by keeping it in a cloth. Massage your feet with this bundle. By doing this you will get relief in pain.

4.Rock salt-

Rock salt also provides relief in foot pain. It works to relax the muscles by controlling the nervous signals. For this, just take lukewarm water in a bucket and add one to two teaspoons of rock salt to it. Put your feet in it and keep it for some time. By doing this you will get relief.

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5.Apple Cider Vinegar-

If you have apple cider vinegar in your house, why use pain killers for foot pain? With apple cider vinegar, you can get relief in foot pain. Apart from the common foot pain, if you have arthritis or gout pain, then you will also benefit from it. With the help of this vinegar, toxins do not accumulate between the joints. It contains potassium, calcium and some other minerals which help in relieving pain. Take one spoon of apple cider vinegar and honey mixed in a glass of warm water, it ends foot pain. Or you can put some apple vinegar in hot water and put your feet in it. It also gives relief.

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