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Cooking is also not an easy task. If you feel that it is very easy, then you will need to cook food sometimes, but the person who cooks in the kitchen every day has many problems that he has to face. There is a problem in getting chilli in your hand, if you have ever had this problem, then you will definitely know how much it hurts when there is irritation in hands due to chilli, then in this article today we will tell you how If you can get rid of this problem soon, then let’s know how

When Chili Burn on Your Hands-

Green chilies are used in many types of dishes. Green chillies are either grinded or cut into dishes. If talking about cutting, many people feel burning sensation in hands after cutting green chillies. To remove this irritation, see the recipe below.

Dairy products-

When chilli is on hand, apply cold milk, Butter, cream or curd and massage for one minute, then wash it with cold water, you will get relief from this burning sensation soon.


Massage the hands with a spoon of honey in your hands, it will relieve the burning sensation in the hands.

Lemon Juice-

To remove burning sensation of hands after cutting green chili, cut lemon and rub it on hands. Some time burning sensation due to lemon juice will give relief.


Cleanse pepper burns with hands. You can use vodka to reduce the burning of chilli on your hands.

Tooth paste-

If there is a lot of burning sensation in your hand, then you should apply tooth paste on your hands.


Make potato slices or potato paste and apply it on the burning area on your hand, you will get relief from irritation.

Ice Cube-

Fomentation with a piece of ice, it will also relieve irritation.

Chili Burn in Your Mouth-

While cooking spicy food, chilli is often overeating, which is very harmful for health, today we will talk to you about some ways which will reduce the burning sensation of chilli …


Drinking water immediately can relieve the irritation of chillies. Water brings coolness to the inside of our body. If the hands of chilli are found on the eyes, then they should be washed with water without any delay.


Sweet cheeses provide instant relief from the irritation caused by chillies. As soon as you feel strong chilli, eat sugar from it. Believe it will be great relief.

Cold ice cream

If ice cream is kept at home, then there is no better option to avoid the burning of chillies.

Sweet honey-

Honey is also a very effective remedy that will give you comfort after eating chili.


By eating curd, the burning sensation of the stomach is easily calmed down and as if it comes to life.


If your mouth is irritated due to eating too much spicy, then first cut the lemon and squeeze its juice in the mouth and then spread it with the help of tongue and keep the juice in the mouth for a minute, then spit it. You will get relief from the burning sensation in your mouth

What to do If you have chilli in your eye

Use of chilli is a necessity for food, but if the chili accidentally gets into someone’s eyes, then there is a lot of pain and irritation. What should we do immediately to avoid the irritation of chilli? , Let us know about this.


Wash the eyes with water. This will reduce eye irritation. Try washing the eyes with cold water.

Pure ghee-

If you accidentally apply chilli on the eyes, then silently close the eyes and apply some ghee on them. Slowly water will come out of the eyes and the irritation will end.


Milk helps to remove irritation from chilli. Most chillies contain oil and milk helps to flush out the oil. Washing eyes with milk gives you great relief. So wash your eye with milk again and again until you feel better.

Wet towel-

If the pain continues to bother you, then lay down a cold wet towel over your eye to alleviate the pain and remove swelling.

“The home remedies described in this article will help you to get relief from burning sensation in the mouth due to eating spicy, irritation in the hands due to cutting or touching the chilli, and accidental chillies in the eye and this home remedy Will be effective for you, if this remedy proves useful for you, then you will definitely tell us thank you.”

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