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The climate of our country is such that in the cold there is very cold and sunny sunlight in the summer and lots of humidity in the rainy season. Due to which there is a great effect on Skin, You do not need to work hard to make your hands white, by using only small, thick home remedies, you can remove the blackness of hands and find attractive hands. With beautiful and soft hands, your beauty grows, and at the same time, the attention of others is attracted to you. The beauty of hands is proof of how conscious you are in your beauty despite your busy life. As it is known to everyone that doing daily work of everyday life affects the beauty of hands, but if you take care of some, you can also make your hands beautiful and soft.

Home Remedies-

1-Put a lemon juice and glycerin or rose water solution on the hands skin. It does not spoil the skin.

2-Before sleeping on the night, add some lemon juice and some drops of glycerin to the hands in the milk cream.

3-Wash hands with water from vinegar or lemon juice.

4-Mixing rose-water or cucumber juice in glycerine, rubbing on hands with cotton, cleans the skin.

5-Before sleeping on night, massage should be done with almond oil on hands and fingers, it is attractive to skin.

6-If the skin of your hands is more dry then mixing a little carbolic acid in the Vaseline gives a lot of benefit.

7-If the hand is rough, then put lemon juice and a spoon of sugar on your hands and rubbing palms together, until sugar dissolves. Honey can also be used in place of sugar. Wash hands after lukewarm water.

8-Peel hot and boiled potatoes. Applying it on the fingers gives the skin brightness.


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