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Large eyes and eyelashes enhancing the beauty. But not everyone has such luck in the eyes. In this way, to put fake eyelids, there is a tremendous trend among girls, but this does not bring them natural glow. If you are also troubled by such a beauty problem, then with the help of these four tips you can also find long-durable beautiful eyelids.

1. Castor oil contains such properties that are good for hair growth. Put them on the eyelids from closing the eyes with the help of cotton, while sleeping on it every night. Wake up in the morning and wash the face.

2. Apply olive oil to make the eyelids dense and grow rapidly.

3. Raise the eyelid upwards three times a day, from the small brush upwards. By doing so blood circulation happens nicely and their diet also emerges.

4. Soak green tea bags and keep them on the eyelids. This will make the eyes healthy and increase their growth.


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