Friendship Day 2021: Why do we love our friends so much?

Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. To strengthen the bond of friendship, not only do we give special gifts to our friends on this day but we also make them realize that why they are so special to us.

Friendship is a beautiful relationship, which you want to share with someone you not only care about but you also feel belonging to that person. This is also one of the reasons that when you reach a stage of age when you look back on what you have achieved with your friend, you really realize how important your friend has been to you. That is why it is said that a good friend is nothing less than a blessing in life. However, with the development in career, there comes a time where a friend’s support is left behind. But true friends don’t care what stage you are at in your life? Or how far are you from them? If the friendship between the two is true, then you will definitely maintain this relationship in any case.

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Why do we love our friends?

1. They understands me:-

The meaning of a good friendship is that understanding each other and taking them together. If your friends understand you well. If he always takes care of you or he knows when you need him, there is nothing better than this. Take the guess of a good friend from this that when you are angry, he does not hesitate to do childish things to make you laugh. if your friend understands all your problems without speaking, then you are very lucky.

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2. They try to make me happy:-

Good friends are those who, instead of making you realize your mistake, tell you what is better for you and what is not. When your friends do everything possible to make you happy, you forget all your troubles. However, friendship is a very responsible relationship, if you make a slight mistake then it does not take long to break it. This is also one of the reasons that those who are your true friends always want the best of you.

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3. They never judges me:

Apart from family members, if we spend the most time with anyone, it is our friends. My friends don’t care what other people say about me? They know me, they know how I am for them. This is also one of the reasons why I love my friends so much because they never judge me without knowing it. Well, such things should also happen in the relationship of friendship. Sometimes other people get jealous on seeing your friendship, due to which they try to provoke your friend. However, in such times if you act wisely then your relationship will remain as strong as before.

4.Makes me face the truth:

The real meaning of friendship is to be with such a person in life who can tell you at which point you are wrong. I am very fortunate to have friends who not only see my goodness but also remove my evils. True friends would like to see you happy always. He would never want his friend to face any kind of troubles.

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