Foot Care in the Monsoon (rainy season), infection, fungal.

Take special care of the feet in the rain …weather brings many troubles along with it. There may be many skin related skin problems this season. One of these common problems is the infections in the legs. There is some precaution to keep your feet fit in the rainy season.

Problems related to foot in the rainy season-

1-Fungus infection may also occur in the fingers of your feet due to wet weather.

2-In the rain water gets accumulated in space and many times-unwanted you have to walk in it. In such a situation, there is a possibility of injury to your legs with stones or any other sharp object. Worms also come out in the rainy days, due to which your feet can get infected.

Foot protection in the rain-

1-Take special care of cleaning your feet in the rain. Wash the feet well with soap and water and mix Dettol or Sevlon in water.

2-After washing feet, dry the towels thoroughly and sprinkle powder on them and then wear shoes or slippers.

3-Keep feet always dry.

4-Do not walk barefoot during the rainy season. There will be no wounds in the legs. Also protect against viruses and bacteria.

5-Change your socks daily in the rainy season. As far as possible, wearing cotton socks only. Do not delay changing the wet socks.

6-If there is an injury in the foot during the rainy season, then do not take anything to get medical advice. If you have a wound already in your leg, then definitely show the doctor.

7-Wear open shoes or wear such sandals that are easy to dry.

How To Make Pedicure-

To make the pedicure first, heat the water lightly. Mix half teaspoon hydrogen peroxide or bleach activator in it. Mix it well and keep feet in it for 5 to 6 minutes. After this, pipe the legs well. Put a scrub on the foot and leave it for 5 minutes. Put the cold cream in the nail well and clean it with the help of a crystal brush. After this, cut the nail and file it. Now scrub the scrub thoroughly with feet. Now apply any cold cream on the feet for 3 to 5 minutes.

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