Follow These Tips, Milk will not Overflow-Kitchen Trick

Often, women are disturb, when falling milk on the gas. . It is often done that sometimes women are so busy doing some work that they forget that they have kept the milk on the gas to boil. And the milk falls. Today we are going to tell you some tips that can help you with this problem. So that if you have been busy doing some other work by milking for gas for a while, then the milk should not be wasted by falling. So let’s know what the tips are…

Butter or Ghee-

Put light butter or ghee on the edges of the pot that milk is boiled. The boiling milk will never fall out of the pot.


In a pot you have to boil the milk, put light water before adding milk. After that put the milk in the pot and keep it for boiling. Milk will never fall out.

Wooden spoon-

Put a wooden spoon or a wooden pots on top of the pot  n which the milk is kept to boil, the milk will not fall out.

Big pot-

In a pot that milk is boiling, put it inside a large pot. Put a little water in the big pot, and then keep on gas. milk will not fall out.

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