Follow these 5 Tips while applying Kajal

Without good eye makeup, your look will not be complete. Talking about Eye Makeup, the first thing comes to apply mascara. Applying mascara is also an art which is not a matter of everyone. Most women apply kajal in a simple way. But by adopting these tips, the beauty of your eyes will increase further.

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Clean face with toner-

Before applying mascara, it is very important that you clean your face with toner. This will clear the oil on the skin and the mascara will not spread. Ice can also be rubbed around the face and eyes to avoid sweating.

Set kajal-

Set the mascara to prevent it from spreading. Use its black eye shadow powder. If you use kajal daily, apply translucent powder under the eyes. With this, the mascara will last for a long time.

Apply powder on the outer corners-

Apply powder well on the outer corners of your eyes to keep mascara for a long time. This will dry the outer corners of the eyes. Now apply mascara. After applying mascara, spread a little neutral color eye shadow on the eyelid with a brush. This will dry the mascara quickly and will last.

Apply long stay mascara-

If the beauty of the eyes is to be maintained, apply mascara that lasts for a long time. With this, whatever you do, you will find your look in it. Always apply mascara to good company.

Apply eyeshadow after applying mascara-

After applying kajal, apply a light eye shadow outside the water line. Merge it lightly with eye shadow brush. This will not spread the mascara and the eyes will look very beautiful.

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