Fitness Secret of Naagin 3 Actress Anita Hassanandani

TV Serial Naagin 3  actress Anita Hassanandani looks very fit and beautiful. Not only their Beauty and figure, but their fashion and style also follow their fancy. Today we will talk to you about her fitness and beauty Secret . Anita has also acted in films with serials.

Dance and workout-

Wake up in the morning and walk for 30 minutes, Dancing is considered the best to keep the body in shape. And likes to listen to songs in free time.

Dance to express not to impress. #tandav #naagin3

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Eats five times a day-

Anita Hassanandani eats five times a day, the advice of the Expert is to keep eating some food frequently and it seems less hungry, and when you sit for lunch or dinner, eat less, so that your weight also remains in the control.

Does not eat spice and oily food-

Anita does not eat spice and oily food, prefer to eat South Indian dishes like Dima, Dosa or Idli. In the afternoon lunch, Anita 2 roti and grilled fish and fresh vegetables eat with it. In the evening Anita likes to drink coffee with a few dry fruits.

Does not eat non-vegetarian food-

Anita says is that she does not eat non-vegetarian food if possible at night. Because non-veg  food is not easily digested in food, there is a risk of weight gain.

Like Playing poker-

She Likes playing poker. This removes stress. Anita said that the schedule of television artists is very busy and the poker gives me comfort by relieving the boredom of work. Poker recharges and excites me.

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