Festival Special: Increase Beauty with 7-day Beauty Plan

To get the most special, most beautiful look in the festive season, you have to prepare a little in advance. If you divide your beauty plan in 7 days, then you will also be able to save time and there will be no shortage in your beauty plan. To make your festive look the most special, we have brought a 7-day beauty plan for you.

Day one-

  • Get up early in the morning. Drink lemon and honey mixed with lukewarm water.
  • Go for a 40 minute walk in the morning or do yoga and exercise at home.
  • Wash face with face wash according to your skin type.
  • Apply alcohol free toner. Also be sure to apply moisturizer and sunscreen.
  • If you want to do makeup, you can do light makeup.
  • To keep lips soft and soft, apply lip balm on lips 3-4 times daily.
  • Take sunscreen with you even when you get out of the house and apply it at intervals of few hours.
  • If you are going in the sun, then take umbrella or sunglasses with you.
  • Even when you are back home or at home, in the evening apply a homemade boil on the face. For this, prepare turmeric by mixing turmeric and sandalwood powder in milk. Apply this paste regularly on the face for 1 week. It removes freckles and blackness and enhances the skin color. Apply this paste on the hands, feet and neck as well.
  • Like skin, hair needs nutrients and oil massage is most needed. One day of the week is necessary for oil massage, so you should also take time for this. Given the length of the hair, take coconut oil i.e. coconut oil in a bowl. Put some curry leaves in it and heat it lightly and apply it to your hair. Gently massage the scalp.

Second day-

  • Stretching lemon and honey mixed for at least 15 minutes after drinking lukewarm water.
  • Then wash the face and apply fruit face pack. For this – Peel and cut an apple and grind it in a blender. Mix 2 tablespoons honey in it and apply it on the face. Do meditation by applying face pack on face. This will also save your time and you will get double benefit. After half an hour wash the face with lukewarm water. The face pack and meditation glow will look clear on your face.
  • If you are a working woman, do not forget to apply moisturizer, sunscreen before going to office. Also take umbrella or sunglasses along.
  • Also be compact for facial oil control and extra protection.
  • Apply makeup, so do light makeup.
  • After returning home in the evening, wash face thoroughly with face cream.
  • On this day, you can get facials by going to the parlor or you can also do facials at home. You can choose any of the diamond, gold, silver or pearl facials available in the market for facials. Facial will add glow to your face.

Day 3-

  • Start your day with warm water mixed with lemon and honey.
  • Go for jogging this morning. This will also give you change and full benefit of open air.
  • Shampoo your hair today too. After shampooing and conditioning the hair properly, you can also apply serum.
  • Apply moisturizer and sunscreen before leaving home. Also make light makeup of your choice. After so much preparation, you will feel a different confidence while leaving the house.
  • Scrub the entire body after returning home. To make a scrub, prepare a scrub by mixing half a teaspoon turmeric and some sesame in one teaspoon sesame oil. Gently rub the body with this mixture. Doing this once a week improves the skin.
  • After scrubbing, take a warm bath. By doing this you will feel fresh.
  • Today you can do manicure-pedicure at the parlor or at home.
  • If doing manicure-pedicure at home, first remove the old nail polish. Then dip your hands and feet in warm water mixed with salt and mild shampoo. Then file the nails. Now remove the dead cell from the scrubber. Then wash the hands and feet with clean water and apply body lotion. Apply the base coat on the nails.
  • You will get very good sleep today, due to which you will feel fresh in the morning.

Fourth day-

  • Run 30 minutes today after drinking warm water with lemon-honey in the morning. After returning home, do some stretches and sit-ups as well. Blood circulation will be good due to workout and your skin will start glowing more.
  • To make the skin more soft, apply skin softener scrub before bathing. For this, prepare a paste by mixing curd, honey and flour in mustard seeds. Scrub the body slowly with this. Take a bath after this. After bathing you will feel refreshed and energetic.
  • Apply moisturizer, sunscreen, light make-up everyday as you leave the house. Get out wearing sunglasses.
  • While returning in the evening, go to the parlor and get eyebrows, appliqué, waxing etc.
  • If you want today, make a head massage by mixing coconut, olive and almond oil. By doing this, you will experience luxury spa and you will feel good.
    If you want to remove the burning sensation of threading, then you can apply face pack along with head massage. For this, make a pack by mixing cucumber juice, yogurt and rose oil in aloe vera gel and apply it on the face. After 15 minutes wash your face with cold water. This pack will always keep your skin beautiful.
  • Apply body lotion or night cream before bedtime.

Fifth day

  • Start the day with your daily dose ie lemon-honey mixed hot water.
  • Today you greet 20 Surya. This is a great workout and you will get the benefits of both skin and health. Many celebrities start their day with Surya Namaskar.
  • Shampoo your oily hair now. After shampoo-conditioner, apply serum if needed.
  • Apply moisturizer, sunscreen, compact etc. to protect the skin while leaving home. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses.
  • After returning home in the evening, take out at least 15 minutes for meditation today. By doing this you will feel relaxed.
  • Today you can apply nail paint too. Bride color nailpolish looks good in the festival season. You can choose nail polish according to your choice and look.
    Do not forget to clean the face and apply night cream before sleeping.

Sixth day

  • Get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror. You will see your skin very beautiful, you will feel fit and your confidence will increase.
  • Now start your day with lukewarm water like lemon and honey.
  • Run 30 minutes again today. Believe me, today you will feel very happy to run, because today you are feeling fit.
  • Stretches and sit-ups by returning.
  • After this, take a warm shower, this will remove your toxins. Then look at yourself in the mirror. Believe me, you will be stunned by the beauty of your skin.
  • Get out of the house by applying skin protective products like daily moisturizer, sunscreen, compact etc.
  • On returning home in the evening, wash face with a face wash and apply night cream before bed.

seventh day

  • Lemon-honey mixed as usual, after drinking hot water, jump rope 100 times and meditate for 30 minutes.
  • Apply Brody Scrub before bathing today. For this, prepare a scrub by mixing three spoons of honey and a little water and milk in half a cup of linseed seeds. Massage the face and body with this. After applying this scrub, when you take a bath with lukewarm water, you will feel new glow in yourself.
  • Shampoo hair today. After shampoo-conditioner, apply serum if needed.
  • Apply nourishing body lotion now.
  • Today you have to get ready for the festival, so you can do heavy makeup.

Start makeup like this-

  • To apply festival makeup, first apply moisturizer.
    Then apply foundation and face powder to match your skin tone.
  • You can make smokey eye makeup for the festival look.

This is how to make smokey eye makeup-

For smoky eye makeup, first apply a drop primer on the eyelid. It is very important to apply it, because the eyeshadow spreads through the crease line due to heat and oily face. Then apply an eye concealer to the light shade. Apply it well under the eyes and on the eyelid. This will make eyeshadow easier. Now apply eyeshadow to match the color of the eyes and smudge with the brush. Then apply the dark gray eyeshadow on the upper eyelid and smudge well. For a more smokey look, apply black eyeshadow over gray eyeshadow. Blend both with a large brush. Put eyeliner on the lashline. Choose Gel / Sketch Eyeliner instead of Liquid. It is easy to apply. It is also better for a smokey look. Now smudge the eyeliner properly with the help of a smoozer brush or eye bud. Complete the makeup by applying mascara.

Complete makeup like this-

  • After eye makeup, apply a blush of light shades like pink, peach.
  • Finally, complete the makeup by applying lipstick or lip gloss.
  • Take, you are ready with festive look.
  • Now make a hairstyle according to your outfit and get the perfect festive look.

Smart tips-

  • Get complete sleep to look beautiful.
  • Be sure to remove makeup before bed.
  • Include healthy diet in your daily routine.
  • Get 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  • Stay away from stress and pollution. Do yoga and meditation.

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