Extend Beauty with sour fruits & Bright your Skin

Everyone wants to look beautiful, freshened and fit, but of course not sure that you depend on Paral and external things. If you add some sour fruits to your diet then no one can stop you from appearing beautifully and glowing.

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The orange has the highest fiber. In the opinion of dieticians, 3 gram fiber is found in a simple size orange. After eating it does not look hungry for long. With this weight can be controlled and your face will be also fair and shine.


Writing books on lemon properties will also be less. This small sour fruit cleanses the intestines, bringing shine on the face.

Citrus Fruit-

Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits such as oranges, kinu, grapefruit and seasonal. Typically a medium sized orange contains 70 mg vitamin c. The same amount of Vitamin C is sufficient for our body throughout the day.

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