Exact solutions of Skin itching in Winter

Itching due to dirt, allergies or cold skin dryness or many other reasons, causes great damage to your skin. At times, small pimples in the body and bleeding on it are also present, which is even more dangerous for the skin. Let’s know, some home remedies for itching –

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Causes of itchy skin in Winter-

  • Dry and dry skin,
  • insufficiency of water
  • Excessive use of soap
  • Taking a long hot bath
  • In very hot or cold weather
  • Rough wear

Easy 11 Home Remedies Skin itching in Winter-

  • Drink plenty of water – Drinking seven-eight glasses of water throughout the day is necessary in every season. There is never a lack of moisture in the skin by drinking a lot of water. There is no possibility of itching problem.
  • Coconut oil and camphor – If you have any allergy, itching or fungal infection on the skin, then mix camphor with coconut oil and apply it there. Once used, you can clearly see its effect.
  • Oatmeal Powder- Make a paste by mixing oatmeal powder in water. Apply on dry skin daily. It helps in relieving itching.
  • Aloe vera Aloe vera has antifungal and antibacterial properties and vitamin E which helps you in removing skin infection. Aloe vera which provides moisture in the skin, which relieves itching. To use it, apply aloe vera gel on the itchy area and let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash it with light warm water.
  • Neem leaves –Boil the leaves of 1 Neem and take a bath with that water, removes germs present in the body and skin, and relieves itching problems. Get soft-smooth skin in winter from Butter
  • Mustard oil Common cause of itching in winter is dryness in the skin and there is no better solution than mustard oil to remove dryness. In the first time, our elders used to apply mustard oil in their body before taking bath. So that the dryness of their body goes away. You can do the same. Yes, mustard oil enters the skin and gives it nutrition and moisture, which helps in getting rid of itching.
  • Garlic budsTake some Garlic buds and put it in mustard oil and heat it. When those buds burn completely, then filter the oil and massage it all over the body. Itching will benefit.
  • Sesame or mustard oil-By heating 3 sesame or mustard oil and cooling it, massaging it with oil gives relief from the problem of itching, after ending the disorder.
  • Cumin seeds-Grind 7 grams of cumin seeds and 15 grams vermilion and cook in mustard oil. Now apply this prepared paste on the itchy area. Itching ends with the use of this paste.
  • LemonLemon Lemon contains acidic and citric acid which is antiseptic and anti-irritating in nature which helps in the treatment of itching. Squeeze lemon juice in water and apply it on the itchy area. You may feel a slight burning sensation. Or mix two teaspoons of basil leaves juice and two teaspoons lemon juice and apply it on the itchy area with cotton help.
  • Marigold Leaves- Antibacterial, anti-viral and anti fungal properties are found in the leaves of marigold plant. Which ends your itching problem. For this, boil some leaves of marigold in water. Clean it by adding this water to the itchy area. If you do this for 7 consecutive days, then your itching will disappear from the root. Marigold plant you will easily find anywhere.

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You can use any one of these tips, use the remedy that is easy for you and make your skin free from dryness and itching during the cold season, then what is the reason for you to get itchy in these winters? Must follow the tips.

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