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Today, everyone has an Android mobile phone, someone has 2 phones, and people are able to do more work by phone, as well as people use wallpaper according to their choice in the phone, today’s In this article we will tell you the extraordinary idea of putting wallpaper in your phones.

Dress Matching Wallpaper-

One day I took a photo of the print of my dress, then I liked it and I made it my own wallpaper, then when I traveled; So people around me were looking at my phone first, then my dress was looking at their face, they got some new ideas, they would do that too, so in reality this is a very good idea. You can use your phone wallpaper according to your dress matching, Some examples are given below.

Nature around you Wallpaper-

If you are looking something natural around you and you like it, you can also create a wallpaper of it, you can use it for your wallpaper, your hands, or feet or whatever you like.

Written wallpaper-

In the written wallpaper you can write something on a leaf and click a photo and use this for wallpaper, or you can do some creative by drawing something from the pen on the hand.

If you love this idea, then like and comment, if I get more ideas on wallpaper then I will definitely share with you. Thank you!

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