Enhance the Beauty of the Feet with this Homemade Pedicure

To make the hands beautiful and beautiful in the face, girls go to the parlor and perform various types of beauty tips such as facials, thrading, waxing, menicure, pedicure etc. and spend a lot of money. But some girls continue to make expensive-expensive beauty treatments to make the face beautiful and do not pay attention to the feet. The beauty of the feet with the face is also very important because the attention of the people goes first to the feet. So today we will tell you how to spend less money on pedicure at home, so your feet will look as beautiful as the face.


Baking soda
Olive oil

Method of pedicure-

1. First, mix all the ingredients in the bowl with 2 to 2 teaspoons and mix it well and then keep it in the container.
2. Now massage this paste in the circular motion by putting the paste on the feet as needed. Use this paste only for 15 days and make a new paste later.
3. The feet will become beautiful after using it before bathing.

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