6 Effective Tips to Get Instant Relief from Acidity

Often problems related to stomach caused by bad eating habits. It causes constipation, acidity disorders, and many other problems. People take medical help to get rid of it. If you have such problems often, you can get relief from these home remedies, including walking and exercise, in the routine.


Fennel enhances the taste of the mouth. At the same time, it helps to overcome problems like gastric and acid. Fennel should be eaten after eating. This benefits from stomach problems.


Drink lemon juice mixed with water and there is no problem of constipation and digestion is fine. Lemon consumption is considered helpful in treating problems like gastric, indigestion, heart burning. It should be consumed by taking empty stomach.


Acidity problems end with half spoon celery and half teaspoon salt intake with hot water. Hunger begins to form.


By drinking lukewarm water not only does the digestive process work well but also the gas is not made. If the problems of the gastric are high, then taking Ajwain or cumin with hot water gives instant relief. After eating the food should drink lukewarm water.


Mix hot water and sugars in ginger juice and drink it. Ginger tea can also drink.

Black pepper-

Eating black pepper is very beneficial. Black pepper in Ayurveda is considered to be the perfect medicine for the stomach. It consumes the amount of saliva and acidity in the body. Which makes digestion easily and gastric problems are far away.

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