Effective Home Remedies For Headache

Headache is a problem associated with nervous system and neck. Getting up with headache in the morning means being ruined all day long. Headache is a very common problem, but sometimes it is so fast that it becomes difficult to tolerate.

A lot of head pain medicines are available in the market, which are taken for relief in headaches, but it is not right to take medicines every time. Going too much external salts in the body can lead to other diseases. But if you want you have many home remedies that you can remove from your headache.

These measures are so easy that you can try them even at work in your office. But one thing that matters most is that you remove every bad idea from your brain and try to remain calm. The good thing about these home remedies is that they are all completely safe and effective.



Warm some cloves of cloves on the pan. Bundle these hot clove buds in a handkerchief. Slip this bottle for a while. You will find that the pain in the head has decreased.



Ginger juice is able to remove your headache, to prevent headache, you can get rid of this problem by consuming ginger juice regularly. For this, take a fresh ginger and take out its juice. Now add 2 teaspoon lemon juice and make it twice a day. Apart from this, you can also take ginger in water and steam it to run your blood smoothly.


Sprinkle salt on apple-

If you are not taking the name of headache even after trying hard, then cut an apple and put salt on it and eat it. This is a very effective way to get relief in headache.


Black Pepper and Mint Tea-

Eating black pepper and mint tea in the headache is also very beneficial. If you like, you can take some mint leaves of black tea and mix them.


Fresh lemon and hot water solution-

Take hot water in a glass and drink lemon juice and drink it. This will relieve you of headache. Many times a gas stomach also causes headache. This home remedy makes it easy to cure such headaches. Drinking lemonade not only removes the problem of gas, but also Sid pain is also good.


Eucalyptus –

Eucalyptus Oil Another good way to get rid of massage headaches is to massage with eucalyptus oil. This oil has the properties of pain relief and it reaches comfort immediately.


Onions –

Use onion paste to get relief from headache, make 2-3 paste and paste,Put this paste in the soles of the feet, wash off 20 minutes and get relief from headache.


Reasons for Headache-

  1. Stress Stress.
  2. Tiredness of mind and body Physical & mental exertion.
  3. Unbalanced physical system. Imbalance in body.
  4. Low blood flow in the head. Low.
  5. Insufficient sleep Insufficient sleep At night.
  6. Extreme noise. Jarring noise.
  7. Talking to the phone more often. Excessive talking on the phone
  8. Think more than necessary.
  9. By drinking more alcohol, smoking.
  10. Due to colds and colds.
  11. Pain in the eyes also causes pain in the head.


Remedies for preventing headache: –


  1. The main cause of headache is stress, there should not be any tension in this stressful area.
  2. You should have enough sleep.
  3. alcohol & smoking should be avoided.
  4. Should have complete rest when headache.
  5. Gold should be awake at times and food should be eaten on time.
  6. Never do any deep work like laptops, mobile sets.
  7. Drink plenty of water.
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