Eat These 12 things and Boost Your Memory Power

Often we forget the small things. Everyone has a habit of forgetting, but the extent comes when even the essential things are not remembered. If you feel that your memory is becoming fragile then you can get rid of it by adopting some household tips. today we will tell you about certain Brain Foods, which increases the power of brain and prevent of Alzheimer’s disease.


Nutmeg is known for its special flavor and aroma. It contains elements that help keep the brain healthy. Simultaneously, make memory better.


Saffron is a spice that doubles the taste of food. Saffron is used in insomnia medicines. The brain remains energetic with its intake.


Sour sweet tomato enhances the flavor of food. Tomatoes are found in proteins, vitamins, fats etc. It contains less carbohydrate content. Tomatoes contain lycopene. It protects the body from free radicals. In addition, it also prevents brain cells from being damaged.


Cinnamon is a tremendous drug for Alzheimer’s patients. Regular consumption of cinnamon increases memory and keeps the brain healthy.


Turmeric is a good medicine for the brain. It does not only increase the taste and color of food, but also keeps the mind healthy. Regular consumption of it does not lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Also, it also works to repair damaged cells of the brain.


Basil is also used as a spice. It works as a medicine for many diseases. By eating 2-4 leaves of Basil regularly, the disease of forgetfulness disappears again and again.


In yogurt, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, salts, calcium and phosphorus are found in sufficient quantity. Regular consumption of curd contains many benefits. It increases the beneficial bacteria in the body and destroys harmful bacteria. In this, amino acids are found, which removes brain tension and increases memory.

Green Tea-

Polyphenol found in tea helps keep the brain balanced. It also makes the mind calm and concentrated. Green tea is also rich in properties. There are a lot of anti-oxidants found in this. That is why the body is healthy with its regular intake. Memory increases by drinking two to three cups of green tea throughout the day.


Strawberries are very popular all over the world because of their delicate aroma. When you hear its name, water comes in the mouth. Strawberries also enhances the taste of milk shakes, ice cream, etc. There are plenty of anti-oxidants found in this, which save the memory loss.

Celery leaves-

If you want to give your food a different flavor, then use celery leaves. Celery leaves help to keep the body healthy and young. Actually, there are adequate amounts of antioxidants found in celery leaves. That is why it works like a medicine for the brain. This is why it is also used in Aroma therapy.


Due to daily walnut, the lack of nutrients is removed. Also, many problems related to health are also eliminated. Omega 3, fatty acids, proteins, fibers and anti-oxidants are found in good quantity in the nut. Memory increases by eating a little nut daily.

Black Pepper-

Pepper’s name is found in black pepper. This chemical removes the body and brain cells. This chemical in the depression works magic, so if you want to keep your mind healthy, then use black pepper in the food.


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