5 Easy Home Remedies for Food Poisoning

There are many such occasions when you have to eat outside. Due to being away from home, sometimes because of the job If the outside food is not made by cleanliness, stale served, the vegetables have not been washed properly before cooking, then there is a possibility of food poisoning when you eat such food. Let’s know which home remedies should be adopted in case of food poisoning. By using these you will feel relief in health –

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1. Lemon –

Lemon contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Therefore drinking it causes food poisoning bacteria to die. You can drink empty stomachs by making lemonade or if you want, squeeze lemon in hot water and drink it.

2. Apple vinegar-

Apple vinegar contains elements that increase metabolism rates. It also helps in killing bad bacteria when consumed by empty stomach.

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3. Basil –

Antimicrobial properties present in Basil fight with micro organisms. You can eat basil in many ways. In a bowl, add basil leaves, black peppers and a little salt to the curd. You can also drink basil leaves in water and tea and drink it.

4. Curd –

Curd is a type of antibiotic, it can eat a little black salt in it.

5. Garlic-

Garlic has anti-fungal properties. You water the raw buds of empty stomach garlic in the morning
Can eat together. This will also provide relief.

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