Earth Day 2019: Why is it celebrated, who first put this name ‘Earth Day’

Earth Day on April 22  it is celebrated every year to support environmental protection across the world. Earth Day was found by American senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental education. The first to commemorate this day was in the early 1970’s. After that, today more than 195 countries celebrate this day.

How many people was Join First Earth Day –

On April 22, 1970, about 20 million American people participated in the first Earth Day. The most special thing is that people from every society, class and area were exposed to join the event.

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Who gave the word ‘Earth Day’

Julian Koenig was the first to bring the word ‘Earth Day’ or ‘Earth Day’ among the people. In 1969, he first introduced people to this word. To celebrate this movement related to environmental protection, he chose his birthday on April 22. He believed that with ‘Earth Day’ ‘

Berth day ‘rhythm-

Even today, there are continuous demonstrations to stop the companies which produce dirty water from the factory in the environment-friendly rivers, to prevent poisonous wastes and to stop the economic activities that cut forests.

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