Drink this juice before sleeping for remove obesity Fast

To reduce obesity you try several ways. From dieting to exercise and some home remedies, if obesity has not been reduced, then adopt this easy way. You can reduce fatness by simply drinking a glass of juice before sleeping.

To make this Juice you need –

1 lemon
1 glass water
1 kookambar
1 tsp Ginger Ginger
1 teaspoon aloe vera juice
1 cottage cheese coriander

Recipe –

Mix all these ingredients with water and mix them in the mixer. Now drink this juice before sleeping at night. This will prove to be very helpful in reducing your weight and reducing obesity.
The combination of all these things will accelerate the metabolism of your body and, while you are sleeping, your metabolism will be active and help reduce obesity. Daily consumption of this juice will free you from obesity in a few days. This is a very useful thing to reduce belly fat.

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