Drink Lukewarm water before sleeping, best for skin & health

Many people avoid drinking water before going to bed at night, because they think that by drinking water at night, they may have to go to the washroom repeatedly, which will spoil their sleep. But before sleeping at night, it is good to drink water, but health also has many advantages. Also, if you drink lukewarm water, not only the health, but the skin also benefits a great deal.

Benefits of drinking lukewarm water before sleeping at night-

1. Relief from Depression – Several studies have shown that lack of water in the body can cause depression. This has a negative impact on the sleep cycle. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water before sleeping at night, water balance remains in the body and mood is also good.

2. Exposes toxins from the body – Drinking lukewarm or light hot water increases the body’s temperature, which causes excessive sweating. Blood circulation is better when sweating and toxins get out of the body. So drink hot or warm water before sleeping at night.

3. Improve the digestion- if you Drink hot water  food will  quickly digeste, So drinking hot water at night, food gets quickly digested.

4. Helpful in losing weight- Everyone knows that drinking warm water reduces weight quickly. To reduce weight, most people wake up in the morning and drink hot water. If you want to lose weight doubly fast then drink lukewarm water even before sleeping in the night with the morning.

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5- Relif fromPeriods Pain – Periods are the hardest time for women. Some women are able to do their work easily during the days of Period, but some women have a pain in the period of pains so much that they can not even do their daily work. To get relief in periods of pain, stop drinking cold water and always use hot water habit. Fill the water in the bottle and apply the painful portion of the bottle, it will give a lot of relief in the periods.

6-Prevention of colds – The problem of cold winters is due to the day coming, due to the change in weather. Drink hot water to get rid of the cold-cold problem. Hot water works as a medicine for colds and colds. This eliminates the chest tightness, and the closed throat also opens.

7-Joint Pain – Joint Pain, called the disease of old age, is also making its prey to young people nowadays. There is hardly any person who is not troubled by the pain of joint in his life. People suffering from joint pain should get used to drinking hot water. Drinking hot water gives flexibility in the joint, which provides a lot of relief in joint pain. Drinking water also removes muscle cramps, which also reduces the pain in the muscles.

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