Don’t take the relationship lightly, you will regret it

What is needed for a happy couple? It cannot be denied that a healthy physical relationship is essential for married life. However, it is not necessary that there is much more that keeps the relationship alive forever. Hugs, touch, love, respect, respect and communication never let the relationship dry up.

A loving hug from a wife when she comes home after a full day’s running can take away the tiredness of the day. How many times we must have read or heard this sentence, this event goes on between husband and wife for some time in the initial days after marriage. But as time passes, this habit starts to drop. However, the husband has come tired, the wife who takes care of the house and the members of the house throughout the day also wishes that someone should take care of her too. Just as the husband comes tired from the office and his wife gets tired after drinking hot tea, in the same way, giving rest to the wife who prepares breakfast every morning, then the husband makes breakfast for the wife. There will be no other thing of happiness than this.

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Game of Depth Affection and Attraction-

This is such a time that the depth in the relationship is hardly seen. The youth are forgetting the thin line between Affection and Attraction. As a result, they are making the mistake of taking attraction as love. Attraction starts decreasing after some time, so the person who looks very good at one time, the same person starts making mistake of life after some time. Here, man or woman, no one mistake can be said, now it has started happening from both men’s and women’s side. This thing is especially seen in the youth who believe in modern culture. They get attracted to someone very quickly. This attraction is physical, so after a few days that person starts feeling bored. Then the words, thoughts and likes of that man do not like it. The mind starts feeling like leaving him and running away.

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Do not bring love to the limit of physical relationship-

We all need a sexual relationship. One of the basic needs of man is a need. But love does not come only in the boundary of physical relations. Love is beyond all this. When we connect with our partner, we should always follow the promise of keeping physically happy as well as giving happiness mentally. Because physical happiness is also self-happiness somewhere. Whereas the love, attachment, affection and feeling of belonging given to the partner is done solely for the happiness of the partner.

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Small steps also worth noting-

It is said that the person in love takes care of the smallest thing done by you and this thing is very important for him. When the husband wakes up, keep hot water ready for him, this will give the husband a feeling of your care. The habit of taking care of the smallest thing of the partner, going on the way and taking off the jacket when the partner feels cold, going in the car, the habit of hugging the partner where he landed, a little The habit of surprising the partner by taking out time, the habit of giving a warm hug immediately after coming from outside in the same way before getting up in the morning and sleeping at night, the habit of picking up the partner from his workplace, the choice of the partner if he has gone on a long drive Even small acts like the habit of playing songs can be very important for falling in love with you. Because these same habits of yours will make you feel that you are important to him.

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It is necessary to nurture the relationship from time to time-

Well, you would say that if a new relationship is made, then everyone does it. This thing is 100% true, if a new relationship is formed, if you start to impress each other, then all such small things are done by the partners for each other. But as time passes, these things are forgotten. Say that the partners want to take each other for granted. This habit of taking Taken for Granted starts bringing gap in the relationship. ‘You want to show a little love again and again’? So did it, now it doesn’t look good forever’, this mentality of the man works to bring a gap in the relationship. Let’s see a simple example. We grow a tree at home. In the beginning, take great care of him. Put manure in it, put water in it. In a few days, we try to keep it green by hoeing it. As long as you keep doing all this, the tree remains very green. There are also beautiful flowers in it. But as time passes, the tree also gets bigger, it starts looking beautiful, then they reduce its care. By doing this the tree will dry up in a few days. This happens in relationships as well. Relationships also demand care. Instead of taking them for granted, save them. In relation too, keep pouring the fertilizer and water of affection, love and attachment. By doing this it will always remain green.

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Effort is most important-

If there is a relationship between boys and girls, then sexual closeness comes, it is also natural. But along with physical closeness, maintain affection and mental closeness in the relationship, take care of the small talk of the partner, here it is not only the boy or the girl, it is a matter of both. Even if both of them can not take much time for each other, then even if they feel affection for each other by doing small things, like getting up in the morning to give each other a loving hug, spend time together while making lunch, take care of each other’s things, Tell each other I love you again and again during the day, what did you do throughout the day, know from each other at night, what is going on in your mind, share with each other. If the partner is frustrated, instead of getting angry on him, handle him. Give a small surprise. As mentioned earlier, the relationship is also like a green tree. Instead of taking it for granted, it is necessary to save it.

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