Domestic and easy ways to clean the car

Cleaning the car is a boring and tiring work. At the same time, after doing so many times, I do not understand how to get good cleanliness and glow like workshop. Not only this, it can be used for this.That’s why we are telling you some unmatched ways that will not only make your car new, but your pocket in this work will not be too light.

Use Hair Conditioner to Increase the brightness of the car

Use the hair conditioner while washing your car. You will find that the car will be such a shine, as if the new look of its wax looks. Not only that, water will not survive on its surface i.e. the ripple rain surfaces

Use Coca Cola to Remove dirt and dust.

Whenever the vehicle is used in long distances, it has to work hard to clean its wind shields. Also, due to dust on the train, streaks, streaks and scars are coming. It is easy to clean it  there is a soft drink cola on them.

When doing this, just keep in mind that to keep the hood point safe, put a thick cloth or towel under the wind shield. Dust or soil layer frozen from the bubbles raised in the cola will be cleaned. Just after clearing the cola, clean it with water otherwise it can stick to dust or dirt on the car after its viscosity.


Brush Headlight from Window Cleaner

Use the window cleaner to polish your car’s headlights and scrub a little with the old but soft socks. Then see how the headlights will shine. If you want, baby wipes can also be used to highlight headlights or car glasses.


Gleaming Window shields and Window Glass from Ammonia

Mix one fourth of the amount of ammonia used in household chores into fourth gallon water and fill the mixture in a plastic bottle containing a tight lid and put it in the car. Whenever the windshield of the car and Windows is filthy, just put the solution on the dirt and clean it with sponge. After this dry from a soft cloth or paper towel.

Vodka, clean the car glass

When the liquid is finished in your windshield washer racers, you can make it by itself vodka i.e. alcohol. Combine 4 cups of water in a lid world and 3 cups vodka with 2 teaspoons of liquid detergent (which is the cheapest you get …). Close the world and shake it well and fill in the raceware according to need.

Baking-Soda Car Cleaner

Take a gallon size pot and put it up to a quarter in a baking soda, fill it with a quarter cup dishwashing liquid and the utensil full of water. Insert this mixture into a plastic bottle and mix it well. Whenever the car is washed, stir the bottle and remove the mixture from it 1 cup and remove it in a bucket of 2 gallons of water level. Now fill this bucket with warm hot water and a good cleaning solution is ready for water

Easy to clean the sticky dirt

Many times the sticks of dirt and dirt stick due to the oil and soil in the lower part of the cart on the carriage in rural areas. To clean it, sprinkle the cream of Tartar on the windshield and after that pour the water of the soap with glass and finally clean it with water and dry it.

Protected from mud and rust, brightness prevails


Put one cup of kerosene in bucket with three gallons of water and clean the car after soaking the sponge in this mixture. You do not need to soak or clean the car before it. Cleaning the car with the solution of kerosene will not spoil the train due to mud or rust in the rain.

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