Do not Eat these 6 Unhygienic things, will Increase Weight

Everyone likes sweet food, but while dieting, you fully absorb sugar and high definitely pay attention to Foods Calories at any time, but today we are going to tell you about such unhygienic food items, which you eat as auspicious. But there is a lot of sugar and calories in it. Even if you are consuming these foods, even after doing diet, your weight will increase. Let’s know about some such unhygienic foods, which you should be careful while eating.


Some people think that if the makeup is made of tomatoes it will be healthy. So despite dieting, you also eat it with brown bread or light-colored snacks. But tell you that a lot of sugar, salt and spices are also used with tomatoes to make it. Apart from this calories in ketchup are also in excess quantity.

Packaged fruit juice-

Nowadays, many packaged fruit juices are available in the market but its consumption is also the reason for weight gain. Some people think that packetted juice juice is right. But sugar is used to make frozen juice. So if you want to control your weight, then try clean and frozen juice instead.


Along with health, honey is also used to lose weight. But honey that is available in the market, there is a lot of sugar in the honey. Even organic honey is found in a large quantity of organic honey. Therefore, pay attention to these accounts and avoid eating it in a big way after considering it as a good time.


In the weight loss affair, you take breakfast and eat bread. At the same time, some people start to eat brown bread and then start eating it. But let us tell you that both of them are harmful to health. Sugar is also used along with other ingredients to make these two breads.

Energy bar-

For instant energy, people now consume a lot of energy bars but it is harmful for health. You feel that there is a lot of glucose in the energy bar, but let me know that there is a lot of sugar in it. You get instant energy from these energy bars with nuts and dry fruits. But only in your account, your blood sugar increases rapidly, which is dangerous for the body.

Flavored milk and curd-

People who like dieting prefer flavored milk or yogurt in the morning, but they are also considered as unhygienic foods. Sugar is also used to make flavored milk or flavored curd, which can damage the health. In this, sugar is mixed not with direct but with other things. Therefore, always eat frash and homemade milk yogurt.

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