Do not Eat Empty Stomach these 10 Things

Often people start your day with taking tea or coffee in morning , they are completely unaware that the effect of this can be the action of the health and mind, so today we will tell you 10 things which should not be eaten empty stomach in the morning.

Sour fruit or Juice-

Eating Sour fruit or Juice empty stomach in the morning increases the risk of acidity or ulceration.


Acetic acid is found in tomato if you consumed empty stomach tomatoes in the morning, there can be negative effects on health.

Yogurt –

If you eat empty stomach yogurt in the morning, hydro chloride acid present in the stomach ends the healthy bacteria of curd.

Dessert or Chocolate-

Eating empty stomach, dessert or chocolate in the morning causes pressure on the digestive gland, which can increase your body’s blood sugar label, which can lead to many other diseases.

Coffee or tea-

Caffeine present in the stomach coffee or tea drinking in the morning can cause acidity and can weaken the digestive tract.


Eating empty stomach milk in the morning can cause cough problems, secrete fat and proteins present in milk can weaken the muscles of the stomach.


Doctor also always advises eating medicines after eating some empty stomach medicines cause acidity problems in the stomach.

Soft drinks –

Drinking empty stomach soft drinks in the morning can cause problems like headache, dizziness and vomiting.


Drinking empty stomach alcohol in the morning can affect both heart and brain, and can also lead to circumcised illness like cancer.

Spicy food-

In the morning empty stomach spicy food, acid in it can worsen your digestive and stomach problems.

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