Do not consume these 4 things with curd, it can cause huge damage to health

Curd is very beneficial for health. It is rich in calcium, protein and vitamins. If a little curd is consumed daily, then the digestion process remains absolutely right. It is also useful in enhancing beauty.

Which 4 things should not be consumed with curd? can curd and dal be eaten together? what happens when we eat curd and milk together? banana and curd is poison? can curd and mango be eaten together? Many questions come to mind regarding curd. So today we will know the answer to all these questions. You will be surprised to know that the consumption of curd benefits many times more than milk, because more calcium is found in it than milk and it is also easily digested. Experts say that people who have problems related to the stomach, such as indigestion, loss of appetite, etc., then they must consume curd. But do you know that some things should not be consumed with curd at all, otherwise they can also cause huge harm to health. Let us know which things should not be consumed with curd?

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Which 4 things should not be consumed with curd?

1. Curd and Citrus Fruits:-

Experts say that citrus fruits should never be consumed with curd, because different types of enzymes are present in both. Due to this it is difficult to digest both the things together and in such a situation, toxins (toxins) are formed in the body, which can cause severe damage to the body.

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2. Curd and fish

Fish should not be consumed with curd even after forgetting, because their effect is opposite to each other. If you eat these two together then you may have many health problems, in which stomach related problems are common.

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3. Curd and Onion

Consuming onion with curd can be harmful for health. Actually, their effect is different, in such a situation, eating both together can cause many problems related to herpes-itch-itch, eczema, psoriasis, skin and stomach. So be alert.

4. Curd and urad dal

Consumption of urad dal with curd should also be avoided. Experts say that eating these two together can have the opposite effect on the body. This can harm health, cause poor digestion problems.

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Banana and curd is poison?

It is also forbidden to take curd with banana. If you eat curd with banana, then it has the opposite effect on your body. If food is to be eaten then it should be eaten after 2 hours.

Can curd and mango be eaten together?

You should not eat mango with curd. If you eat these two together, then toxins will be formed in your body. Because the effect of these two is opposite to each other. Curd is considered cold whereas mango is considered hot.

What happens when we eat curd and milk together?

Milk and curd should never be consumed together. Consuming milk and curd together can cause acidity, gas and vomiting. Milk should be drunk about one to one and a half hours after eating curd.

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