Diya Mirza Said on World Environment Day 2018

“World Environment Day: ‘Plastic is going to our body through food things’ – Diya mirza”

Diya Mirza said that people will have to change their habit. Instead of plastic, the habit of using paper or fabric bags should be promoted.

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June. It would not be wrong to say that today the fastest growing modernity has done the most harm to nature and the earth. People do not have any approach to controlling pollution. Bollywood stars have also been associated with different campaigns and have been working to raise awareness among the people about the environment. Actress Dia Mirza also looks very worried and aware about the environment.

Protecting the environment is not our problem but our future generation. He says, “Whatever we give to Nature, we come back and reach us only.” Every day we roam in such West Rivers or the garbage that comes out of our homes, it goes back to us through our food chain. Today the talk of plastic ban started. This is a very important step. The mass of population is such that today plastic is on every side, it is coming in through us through salt or any other food item. We have to understand this. ‘

Diya Mirza said that people will have to change their habit. Instead of plastic, the use of paper or fabric bag should be encouraged. The factories also have to keep in mind that the West which is going out of it, is properly disposed of. It is also our responsibility to keep the rivers clean. People have been talking about bread, cloth and house for basic needs, but this slogan should be changed to ‘pure air, pure water and pure food’.

According to Diya Mirza, 91 percent of people today are victims of pollution in some form or the other. Heart diseases have increased. Small children are getting complained of asthma. it’s very dangerous. If we can not even today, there will be big losses! Explain that the people have been making people aware about the issue of environmental issues for many years. He is also a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. Talk about movies, soon will be seen in Sanjay Dutt’s biopic role as recognition Dutt!

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