Dastaan E Mohabbat :The story of Love And Revolt

Sahir Sheikh’s TV show ‘Dastaan-e-Mohabbat’ is going to be broadcast on Color TV soon. This serial is based on Mughal era and the story of the famous Salim and Anarkali is being shown through the show. This TV show was being discussed for a long time but now the promo of the promo is confirmed as soon as the show’s release begins.

Salim Anarkali Love Story-

Even though the ways and means of love have changed in today’s modern era, even when it is a matter of lover couples, the first name of couple comes Heer-Ranjha, shri -farhad, & Salim-Anarkali etc
Salim was the favorite son of Akbar because after his birth and many other brothers were born.
Akbar used to call her affectionately as Shekhu. Akbar married Salim to Manabai, the daughter of Bhagwan Das, king of Aamer. Although he was not his only wife, Salim alias Jahangir had many marriages after this.
One day, in the court of his father and emperor, Salim looked at a girl named Anarkali.
Seeing his appearance, the Prince became enamored of Salim. It starts from here, both of love’s tales. It is said that the discussion of the beauty of Anarkali was in Lahore. When it was reported to King Akbar, he called Anarkali in his court.
In the court, Anarkali presented a dance . Akbar was surprised to see her dance and form.
He was pleased and declared Anarkali the dancer of his court. From that day, Anarkali’s work was dancing in front of people in the royal court and entertaining them.

Sehzade Selim has become ‘love of Anarkali’-

Slowly Slowly, both love becomes grow. Both of them often start meeting silently As much as they meet each other, their love grows. Everything was going well between both of them, so that noorjahan looked at him.
She was one of the Emperor Akbar’s slaves, who had fallen in love with Prince Salim. It is said that he wanted that his right should be on Salim but he did not succeed in doing so. Salim was immersed in the love of Anarkali.
Because of this, Noorjahan told to the King Akbar about the love affair of Salim Anarkali!
Akbar did not want his son to marry a dancer. He did not want that such a girl became Malikani of India.
Akbar instructed Salim to never see Anarkali, but did not accept Salim’s heart. Salim turned against his own father.
He started feeling that his father is the real enemy of his love. The matter got worse when Salim felt that there is no choice in it, except for Jai Jang.
After this, Salim started the war against his own father.
There is a grueling battle in the father and son, but in the end, Salim defeats Akbar’s army in front of him. Akbar captives his own son.
It is said that Akbar later placed two suggestions before Salim. Either leave Anarkali or else embrace death.
Salim too is ready to die for his love. Even before this, Anarkali agreed to sacrifice their life for Salim’s love.
After this, Anarkali and Salim spend one night together and on the next day, Akbar chooses Anarkali in a wall.
After that one night Salim-Anarkali is separated, but their love story forever becomes immortal.

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