Cure Sensitivity of teeth in these 5 ways

Sensitivity in teeth have become common now. Often, cold-hot food often complicates people with tingling in the tooth. This happens due to the wear of the coating of the enamel on your teeth. Thanks to this coating, we eat hard things. When the coating of the animal is removed from the teeth, there is a lot of pressure on the cold or hot food in the teeth. Dental bacteria and plague are also responsible for this. If you have this problem then we have brought home remedies for you, with the help of which you will be able to treat this problem.

Stay away from acidic food or drink-

Keep distance from any food or drink that is acid in nature. Make distance like things like fruit juices, soft drinks, vinegar, red wine, tea, ice cream. If you eat them, brush them immediately. These diets do quite a lot of damage to the teeth of the teeth.

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Use soft Brush-

Keep in mind that the brush is your soft. This will not put more pressure on your gums. Use light hands while brushing your teeth.

Treatment of salt water-

Take two spoons of salt water in lukewarm water. Rinse it every morning and night. This is a very beneficial way in the complaint of Sensitivity.

Mustard oil and salt-

Mix one teaspoon rock salt in a spoonful of mustard oil. Massage in gums and teeth by mixing. Wash your mouth after 5 minutes of doing this.

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Use of fluoride mouthwash or toothbrush-

Fluoride is very important for our teeth. This prevents problems like rotting and tooth enamel. To avoid this problem, it is important to use a mouthpiece or toothpaste that contains fluoride.

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