Crazy Beauty Routine of Bollywood Queens

Almost every girl in the world wants that she looks beautiful like an actress but in order to look beautiful like an actress, you will have to change her routine just like her, then you can look beautiful like her. Today we have brought you Bollywood queens Beauty Routine with the help of which you can also look fit and beautiful.

Aishwarya Rai Beauty Routine-

Aish Drink eight to ten glasses of water daily. By doing so, the body elements come out and the skin is always young. Aishwarya starts her day with a glass of lukewarm water. She often uses brown bread and oats in breakfast, Ash is crazy of Wine Facial.

Shilpa Shetty Beauty Routine-

Shilpa’s fitness is attributed to yoga, she is eating healthy food, and in the morning Green Tea, and Aloe Vera drinks juice does not use soap on the face at all. After washing the face with lukewarm water, Shilpa uses Moisturizer.

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Madhuri Dixit Beauty Routine-

Madhuri’s beauty is the secret of her dance. Madhuri keeps herself under the influence of dance. To maintain your fitness boiled, roasted, baked meals. Drink herbal tea And also drink coconut water a day in the week.

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Sridevi Beauty Routine-

Sree Devi’s beauty was natural and she used to adopt natural ways to maintain it.
Beginning of his day, Sridevi used two glasses of lime mixed with lukewarm water and used it. After this he used to drink herbal tea. And always used Fruit Face Pack for his face. He always advised that the night should be made to remove make-up. To take special care of her skin, she also paid special attention to her diet.

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