Consume these 12 things to be healthy with the rising temperature

How to be healthy in summer-With the arrival of the summer season, many types of physical problems start increasing In summer, when the temperature rises, the amount of water in the body starts decreasing. Due to slight carelessness, dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and weakness etc. On the other hand, by eating spicy or fried roast in summer, the digestive system of the body also starts deteriorating. The immune system starts to weaken, which increases the risk of bacteria or viruses. Due to these reasons, people start having problems related to digestion like stomach pain, gas, stomach infection, acidity, loose motion and vomiting in summer. Most of the people suffer from acidity and gas problem in summer. In such a situation, health experts recommend drinking plenty of water during the summer, so that water can flush out toxins from the body. There should be no problem of dehydration. However, apart from water, it is also beneficial to consume some things in summer. There are some such foods, by consuming which the lack of water in the body is removed, as well as the body gets coolness. In the next slides, know which things are consumed in summer to prevent stomach problems.

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1.Coconut water-

Coconut water is very beneficial for the body. Nutrition is found in abundance in coconut water, which removes the lack of water in the body. Due to its consumption, when the mercury rises more, the body also gets internal coolness. Coconut water also has properties to detoxify the body. It also has the property of fiber, which keeps digestion right.

2.Cucumber and Papaya-

Consumption of fresh fruits is beneficial for the body in every season. However, when the temperature rises in summer, eating cucumber and papaya cools the body and fulfills the lack of water. Plenty of fiber is found in papaya and cucumber. Consuming them gives coolness to the stomach. They also keep the pH of the body healthy by balancing the pitta. Cucumbers and papayas are beneficial even if you have gas or acidity problem in summer.

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Melon is a seasonal fruit of summer. Consumption of melon is beneficial for the stomach. Melon has antioxidant and fiber acid reflux properties. By consuming it, many types of essential elements are fulfilled in the body. At the same time, melon also removes the lack of water in the body due to heat. The problems of gas and acidity are also relieved.

4.Yogurt or cold milk-

Consuming curd daily in summer can be beneficial for the body. Yogurt is rich in fiber, which improves stomach health and digestion. The problem of acidity and indigestion also goes away with the consumption of curd. On the other hand, drinking cold milk gives coolness to the stomach. It does not cause irritation, acidity problem. Cold milk means drink plain milk, rather than drink milk kept in the fridge.


When the heat rises, one ripe banana must be eaten daily. Banana consumption is beneficial for the body. Bananas are rich in iron, calcium, potassium and fiber. Fiber removes digestive problems, while potassium controls acidity.

6.Glucon-D –

Fills you with the energy required to stay active! Kick away tiredness and feel rejuvenated with Glucon-D, the preferred choice in summer when the scorching heat drains out body glucose.

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Lemon, rich in vitamin C, not only gives you relief from body heat, but it also protects you from many diseases. Especially when the weather is changing, it prepares your body to adapt to the environment. You can also add lemon to salads, lentils or tea.


You may be surprised to know that onions are also helpful in keeping your body cool. Eating them raw can spoil your taste. So prepare a salad by mixing it with lemon and salt. Another way to eat onions is to include it in your vegetables, curries and raitas. Red onions are rich in quercetin, which is considered a natural anti-allergen. Including onions in your daily diet can also help you adjust to the temperature.


Pineapple water is not only made up of nutrients and antioxidants that have restorative and free radical fighting properties. Rather, it contains an enzyme called bromelain, which helps in reducing the swelling of the body in summer.


Mint is available in plenty in summer. The green, fresh and aromatic leaves of mint have a cooling effect. It keeps the body cool (Foods to reduce body heat). Consuming syrup, chutney prepared from mint leaves or eating it raw is very beneficial for health. This herb has immunity-boosting power, which also improves digestion power. This gives freshness to the breath.

11.Green leafy vegetables-

You get many benefits by eating green leafy vegetables throughout the year. Including them in your daily diet is also beneficial as green leafy vegetables have high water content. Remember, avoid over-cooking these vegetables as it can reduce the water content in them.

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Gooseberry (Amla) has a cooling effect. And it cleans your stomach from inside. Also, it also cures any type of indigestion. Eating amla keeps your stomach cool from inside. And it also helps in reducing hair fall.

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