International Coffee Day : Make Coffee at Home, like Restaurant

Today is the International coffee day (1st October) Coffee is such a thing that removes headache, fatigue lets away, and makes you feel good. If we go to the hotel to drink only coffee, then we like coffee, but how much money we give for a cup of coffee. So why do not we learn to make such coffee at home … .Yes, it takes a little time and hard work to make it but no one can match the hand made of its hand …. So let’s see today how we make coffee: –

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Material :-

Milk: 250g
Coffee: 2 teaspoons
Sugar- 3 Tablespoons
Coffee Mug

How to make a cup of coffee: See video-


How to make coffee Step By Step –

1-First, put sugar and coffee in a cup.
2-Then add one spoon of milk or water to it and mix it.
3-When the coffee and sugar are well mixed, add one spoon and milk to it and mix it, then add one spoon and milk to it and mix it. (As long as the color of the coffee is not light, we will have to keep mixing to it)
4-Now keep milk on gas. And wait until it comes to boil.
5-Now you take a coffee cup and put the mixer of coffee in it and then add milk and mix it with a spoon.
6-After that you put a little coffee above the top.

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