So many uses of coconut oil in winter

As the winter season starts, the skin starts to become dry, lips begin to flutter, hair starts shining. That is, many kinds of problems start. Which are the most troubled girls, who are very careless about their hair, skin and lip. So today we are going to explain some of the same problems that are very cheap and easy. Yes, you must have heard about coconut oil, how beneficial it is to skin, just know its methods now. How is it beneficial for your hair, lips and face along with your skin?

1-If the problem of itching after bathing in winter is bothering you, then you get two lid coconut oil in the bath water and you will get rid of the problem of itching.

2-If your feet have become very dry, then you should massage your feet with coconut oil before sleeping in the night and sleep with wearing socks will make your feet look soft

3-You can also use coconut oil on torn and dry lips. Sleep the coconut oil on the lips while sleeping at night, your lips will become soft till morning.

4-Mix coconut oil and salt and make pest. This will bring dead skin and tanning. And your skin will become soft

5-To avoid cold and flu, add some drops of coconut oil in hot tea or coffee.

6-If there are spots on your face or any injury marks, use coconut oil continuously. Stains will be removed.

7-The bites of mosquitoes result in red spots and swelling on the skin. The reason for the fever is there mosquitoes here Applying on coconut oil skin can prevent mosquito attack.

8-After vaccinating shaving, add coconut oil to make skin glowing.

9-The properties of anti-aging in coconut oil are found. Massage your eyes with some drops of coconut oil on your hands around the eyes. This will make the skin glowing and soft. Its use does not cause dark circles and wrinkles.

10–Coconut oil is not only good for skin but also for hair. Hair stiffness or dandruff, coconut oil, condiments your hair well,  Put coconut oil on the roots of hair and massage it well.

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