Cleaning of Cushion Covers with 8 Easy Way

Usually the cushion covers in the house are very dirty, which are necessary to clean regularly. But changing them every month is also a big task. So if you want that cushions are not too dirty and are more clean, then we have come up with some tips for you.

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Easy Tips to Clean Cushion Cover-

  • Keep cushion in the sun for one day, it will clear the dust, along with the microbes too will be destroyed.
  • The cushion should always cover and if it is difficult to do so, then dryclean them. It will shine like that before.
  • Vacuum cleaners are a best and accessible way to remove dust dust from your cushions. If you do not have time to clean up everyday, you can clean the cushion cover by taking out two days a week.
  • At home you can wash the cushion of your sofa with a steam bath. To wash the cover first, first read the instructions given on it to see what precautions should be taken before washing it.
  • Often cushions have food stains or oil spots, etc. are found in the couch. That is why it is very necessary that as soon as the stain gets you cleaned them with a wet cloth as soon as possible.
  • If your cushion cover is cleared by the help of hands, then clean it with a simple surf.
  • If the pet comes out of your cushion cover, use a sprayer to remove them or remove the surf in half bucket and put a little bit of baking powder and wash it.
  • You can also use naphthalene balls to remove the odor from your cushions.

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