Checkout…How Ranveer Singh has celebrated his Birthday

Today Ranveer Singh’s Birthday, let’s see in this video , how Ranveer Singh celebrates his birthday.Ranveer singh is Most Humble , funniest , Loving and most Caring person ever


– On July 6, 1985 Our Champ was Born . the Sweetest , Most Humble , funniest , Loving and most Caring person ever . He have been entertaining us since the beginning and never Stopped ! I am really really glad that I came across and knew about that Bollywood actor ! Watched his films and a couple of videos from promotions and ever since I cannot help but fall in love . This guy care for us fans and love us back he always make sure to meet fans and that why I love about him the most his love for us his fans and the fact he doesn’t take things for granted and I just love everything about him and everything he’ll do and give us ! May God bless him with everything he deserves ❤️ _ What do you love about him ? Tag him and tell him and also wish him a happy birthday ❤️ ___________ ٦ يوليو ١٩٨٥👑 في مثل هاليوم انولد أطيب و الطف و اكثر انسان متواضع بالدنيا . امتعنا من بداياته ولا زال ! هذا بإختصار الي تقدرون تقولون عنه سعاده احببببه احبببببه احبببببه ! احس هذا الي لا شفته اذا كنت متضايقة أنسى الضيقه ! و يااخي عمري م شفت فنان يحب معجبينه كثر رانفير إنسان يقدر معجبينه بشكل مو معقول دائماً يحاول يقابلهم بالهند وبرا الهند ويحب يكون ع تواصل معاهم ويعرفهم بالاسماء ويكلهم بالخاص ! جد جد من اكثر الأشياء الي احبها فيه غير شخصيته وتمثيله وووو أهو قربه منا احنا الفانز ❤️ان شاءالله هالسنه الجديده تكون سنه حلوه عليه ويكون من تقدم لتقدم يارب ❤️❤️❤️ _ المهم إنتوا شنو اكثر شي تحبونه فيه ؟ وشسمه يلا منشنوه وعايدوه🌚❤️ ___________________ ‏#RanveerSingh ‎#رانفير_سينغ

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