Charcoal protect your skin from mounting pollution

The effect of rising polytas is most affected by our face, which causes our skin to become dark and black. At the same time we also bring many types of products from the market, but they are not effective for skin. Because the chemicals are also mixed in it. That’s why today we will tell you the tips of charcoal to save skin and take care of you in polution. Charcoal, which is black in appearance, but plays an important role in reducing the beauty of your face. In India where it is used to cure injury. Japanese people have used it for a long time to enhance the beauty of the face.

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Use of activated charcoal

Activated charcoal which is in processed form of carbon. Used as a clinger, face mask, scrub and soap.

Charcoal is also beneficial for dry skin

The effect of changing weather affects most of our skin. Due to the bright sunlight in summer our skin gets dry. In such a way, using charcoal will be proved right. It protects the sun from the harmful rays and also keeps the skin healthy.

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Get rid of blackheads-

If you are worried about the problem of blackheads, then you can use charcoal. It eliminates the blackheads from the roots by going into the depth of the face.

Charcoal is also effective for pimples

Apart from the blackheads, the charcoal also removes the problems like acne, acne on your face. Which gives you a clean and clean skin. And if you always have a smoky skin then you can use charcoal facial wash before sleeping at night. It protects your skin from the side effects of polyurethane.

Charcoal clears facial pores

Charcoal makes your skin beautiful, as well as cleanses your face pores, so your skin keeps flowing throughout the day.

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