Charcoal Bamboo Mask Review and Benefits

Acne spots / black / white heads all eliminated simultaneously, Various problem 1 solutions, Good by Unhealthy black/white heads dirty skin pimple spotty skin. Coal ash has been used for a long time in ancient times; ash was also used to remove unwanted hair. The charcoal mask has been brought after further improving the method.

How it works-

Black heads: – Peels off oil Black & white heads close open pores cover with transparent layer which can help protect your skin with dirt

Uneven skin tone: – Remove Dead cells and help to improve new healthy white cells that’s makes your skin healthy fairer skin. Upper lip
and forehead also equal face tone

Acne pimple marks: – Acne, pimple and dead skin also remove that helps improve skin tone clean n clear skin.

Facial Hair: – it’s also good for facial hair too gently remove some facial hair along with the impurities and makes the surface smooth. No
need Facial to clean your pores the face genuinely skin looks clearer, smoother & softer why are you for? Waiting for Try it now.

No more patches no more facial hair only glowing glowing skin .severally use.

Apply a thick layer of mask that can be easily removed. Do not pull with just one hand. It can cause wrinkles and rashes, hold your skin with
one hand and then gently remove the mask with the help of the next hand. You cannot use water or soap to remove it like a peel. it turns out.
After using it, your skin will look dry and apply it with regular moisturizer.

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