Candy web series Review: Know how Richa Chadha and Ronit Roy web series ‘Candy’

The best of mystery and thrill unearthed by the performances of Richa Chadha, Ronit Roy and Riddhi Kumar."
  • Candy web series Rating: Three and a half stars
  • Producer: Vipul D Shah, Ashwin Varde and Rajesh Behl
  • Candy web series Director: Ashish R Shukla
  • Candy web series Cast: Richa Chaddha, Ronit Roy, Manu Rishi Chaddha, Gopal Dutt Tiwari, Nakul Roshan Sahdev, Riddhi Kumar, Anju Alva Nayak, Vijayant Kohli, Abbas Ali Ghaznavi, Aditya Rajendra Nanda, Bodhisattva Sharma, Mihir Ahuja, Prasanna Bist, Ayesha Pradeep Kaduskar, Rajkumar Sharma, Mikhail Kantu, Aditya Syal and others
  • Candy web series Duration: Three hours ten minutes, eight episodes of 35 to 44 minutes

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OTT Platform: Voot Select-

After directing many documentaries and ad films, Ashish R Shukla, director of the film “Bahut Hua Samman” and the popular web series “Undekh”, this time a suspenseful thriller web full of drugs, murder, mystery, hope, fear, politics. The series has brought the first season of “Candy”, which will be streamed on “Voot Select” from September 8.

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Candy web series Story:

The story of the web series “Candy” is of a fictional city like the cold winters of the Himalayas, Rudrakund. In the center of the story is the mystery related to the horrific murder of Mehul Awasthi (Mihir Ahuja), a student of Rudra Valley High School located in Rudrakund city. Rudra Kund’s DSP Ratna Sankhwar (Richa Chadha), along with Havildar Atmanath (Rajkumar Sharma) and other police personnel, reaches the forest after receiving the news of Mehul’s murder, where Mehul Awasthi’s body is found hanging from a tree in the midst of a dense forest. Is. When the police begin their investigation, Jayant Parikh (Ronit Roy Basu), a teacher who teaches English in the school, reaches the same place along with another policeman. Jayant Parikh’s daughter Binny has died in a fire due to drug addiction, from which his wife Sonalikha Parikh (Anju Alva Naik) has not recovered till date. Jayant Parikh also loved his daughter very much. That’s why Jayant Parikh becomes more interested in Mohit’s murder. While doing his investigation, the DSP reaches the school and talks to the church’s Father Marcus (Vijayant Kohli), the school’s principal Thomas (Gopal Dutt Tiwari) besides boys and girls. Mehul interrogates three boys, Imran Ahmed (Bodhisattva Sharma), Sanjay Sonowal (Aditya Rajendra Nanda) and John (Abbas Ali), who harass Awasthi. She takes a packet of candy from Mehul’s school locker and gives this packet to Vayu Ranawat (Nakul Roshan Sahdev). Eventually the discussion starts that Masaan has committed the murder. There is a deep relationship between police officer Ratna Sankhawar and Vayu. It is revealed that Vayu Ranawat, son of local MLA Mani Ranawat (Manu Rishi Chadha), is doing the work of making and selling candies containing drugs. Besides being an MLA, Mani is the most powerful businessman in the city. He wants the Rudrakund to follow his fingers. They have also committed many sins to keep their power.

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At the same time, Mehul Awasthi’s special friend Kalki Rawat (Riddhi Kumar) is also missing. In the dark of the night, Kalki reaches Jayant Parikh in a rage, crying. Jayant keeps Kalki hidden in his house. It is revealed that Mehul and Kalki, hiding at a party organized by Vayu in the forest, were collecting evidence against Vayu of drugging, when they start leaving, a girl forcibly licks Kalki candy. Mehul and Kalki lie down in the forest and talk and a physical relationship is formed between them. After that someone killed Mehul. Trying to know the truth, Jayant is beaten up by Vayu and his goons. Jayant finds evidence against Vayu. But Ratna is not interested in Jayant’s evidence. While evidence is found against Kalki’s father Naresh Rawat (Pawan Kumar Singh) for Mehul’s murder, Vayu captures Naresh and hands him over to Ratna. According to Jayant’s investigation, Naresh is innocent. Therefore, Jayant angrily comes to the police station and gives it to Ratna Shankhwar. Ratni Shankhwar gives that proof to keep Atmanath. Mani Ranawat comes to meet Naresh Rawat, who is lodged in the police station. At night, the people of Rudra Kund attack the police station with the slogan ‘Khoon ka Badla Khoon’, carrying the king along with evidence and tying him over the bridge and burning him alive. Seeing all this Jayant and Kalki are not able to do anything. After this Mani Ranawat makes his political moves. Ratna is suspended and an inquiry is set up against her. Ratna then realizes that she was sold to the wrong people and now her conscience wakes up. Now Jayant and Ratna together start searching for the truth. So there new secrets come to the fore. The number of murders increases. Jayant also has an argument with Father Marquess of the church. Even from the principal. Here the people whom the spectator suspects, they start getting killed. There are many twists in the story. The mask comes off from many faces. Mysteries, fear, hope, politics, human ambition, drug trade, teen sex crimes, and a lot more come to the fore.

Candy web series Writing and Direction:

Screenwriter duo Advance Joshi and Debojit Das Purkayastha deserves appreciation. The writers have made a fine blend of folklore and modern crime fiction. In this web series, through the fictional city of Rudrakund, the author talks about political smell, murder, criminalization of politics, hope, fear, the extent to which a human being can go to fulfill his ambition, from the murder of relationships to those that happen under the guise of religion. While presenting all the issues like serious crime well, the mystery and thrill has been maintained. It also depicts how the drug mafia is ruining school children by making them a victim of drug addiction. At the heart of the story of the web series ‘Candy’ is residential school, teenage children and drugs. But nowhere has director Ashish R Shukla resorted to didactic rhetoric to educate about the ill effects of drugs.

The story starts at a slow pace, but the audience is not bored. His mind remains attached with the web series ‘Candy’ out of curiosity to know the truth. Till the eighth episode, the audience does not reach the real killer and when the truth comes out at the end of the eighth episode, the audience is shocked. This has been possible only due to the skillful writing and excellent direction of Ashish R Shukla. The writer and director have worked to deepen the mystery by wrapping each character in many layers. The director has also made excellent use of the location to suit the plot and deepen the suspense. The dense and dark forests, winding roads, picturesque hills and the gorgeous frozen lake of Nainital have been used well by the director to narrate his story. Emotions are also wonderfully threaded. Despite being a fictional story, it gives an impression of reality. The family relationship between Jayant Parikh and his wife Sonalikha is not well crafted. Whereas the writer and the director have carved the unconventional relationship in a natural way. After watching this web series, the audience cannot live without saying that what is seen in the city of Rudrakund does not happen. .

The cameramen of this web series filmed in Nainital deserve congratulations, they have captured the natural beauty here through the camera in such a way that the viewer gets excited to visit this place.

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Richa Chadha has brought alive the character of a crooked and strong police officer and single mother Ratna Shankhawar with her brilliant performance. In many scenes, Richa says a lot with her facial expressions. Richa has given a lot of reality to the scenes of ignoring the criminal due to the weakness of her romance while performing the duty of a police officer. Ronit Roy has once again shown his excellent acting ability in the character of Jayant, a teacher who is yearning to bring out the truth and free the school children from the clutches of drugs. Riddhi Kumar surprises with her performance in the role of Kalki. In many scenes, she says a lot without saying anything. Nakul Roshan Sahdev has done full justice to the character of Vayu Ranawat, who is immersed in drugs and cigarettes. Nakul has been successful in presenting his character Vayu as a criminal through his teeth, body language, frequent blinking of eyes and no care for anyone. In many scenes, he adds depth to the mystery with his acting. Manu Rishi Chadha has been successful in leaving a mark of his acting. Other co-stars are also right in their respective places.

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