Birthday in August : Are you born in August? know how are your nature?

People born in August are stingy:

If you were born in the month of August of any year, then astrology says that you are a number one miser. You are extremely talented and money minded. Sorry, you are not as gentle as you appear. You are one of the people who follow the policy of difference of price, price, punishment.

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Keep expecting returns:

They also do a lot of good to the people, but in their mind they keep expecting returns from them. Don’t believe in making more friends. If you still have some friends, then assume that it is their kindness. You have no contribution in this. That is, you can never maintain friendship with yourself.

You are talented & sense of beauty is amazing:

Your talent is not the answer. You make your mark in art, literature and various creative genres. Your sense of beauty is amazing. You are the master of your own will. Insistence or, say, useless stubbornness, prevents you from moving forward. Sometimes you yourself sink your well-floating boat and then pretend to be a martyr.

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You are very bitter in your tongue:

You are very bitter in your tongue, people come impressed by your personality and leave after hearing you. You are beautiful, no doubt about it. But with this beauty the beauty of the mind is almost missing. It would not be wrong to call you arrogant.

You give more value to money:

Relationship-friendship-love in front of money is all rubbish for you. Keeps every penny account. Especially sometimes on some occasion you have to give from your pocket, then your face goes down. You are often a good businessman, engineer, teacher or artist.

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You are fools and spoilers in the matter of love:

There are fools and spoilers in the matter of love. Although you consider yourself very smart. There is a special kind of carelessness found in you regarding life. You think life can be lived with anyone if he is willing to live under your rule. That’s why the partners of a handsome young man born in August are often dull and simple. Even people may be in awe of you thinking that the Lord made this pair. We have no intention of being diplomatic here, but there are some exceptions born in August whose pair is MashaAllah. Made for it other. Very in love, but out of a hundred only one such rare will be found, then the stories of mismatched couples are more visible.

Girls are number one flirt:

Girls flirt for a number, but seem innocent for a long time. She entraps the boys so neatly that till she becomes Halal, she remains under the illusion that there is no one as lucky as her. Their specialty is that it makes a masquerade of being innocent from above and the world is not even aware of it. Having eaten a hundred rats….! there’s nothing bad about it

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Show stupidity in the matter of marriage:

Your beauty is such that the person falls after gasping. But in the matter of marriage, she often introduces stupidity. She stuns everyone by tying up with any simple boy. You are advised not to waste your talent. Not everyone is lucky enough to have such artistry. Anyway, Happy Birthday!

Lucky Number: 2, 5, 9
Lucky Colour: Grey, Golden and Red
Lucky Day: Sunday, Friday and Wednesday
Lucky Stone : Moon Stone
Suggestion: Offer milk and sugar candy in Shiva temple

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