Big Boss 12:This Contestant fall in love, See Video

Inside the house of Bigg Boss 12, now the atmosphere of love and affection has started. If news is to be believed, Common Contestant Shivshish Mishra and Kriti Verma are the first Couple of this season / posted a video on the Big Boss’s verified Twitter handle. In it, Shivasishsh and Kirti are having fun and each other is teasing. In the video, Masterpiece, Shivaishish seems to be teasing, Shivshish is also seen troubling the work while doing the workout.

In the Weekend episode, Salman Khan also mentioned love among the two. However, both Shivshish and Masterpiece shared each other as good friends. In one episode, Masterpiece pushed Shivaashish into the pool, tightening Shivaashish and his mike got wet. The villagers had scared the masterpiece after doing so. Then the master asked for forgiveness from Shivshish. However, Shivashish did not get angry even at the action of the master.

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